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Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview


If you’ve been called for a job interview, you’re 30% of the way to your new job. Now you have to go there and show that you’re the right candidate for the position you are applying for. That’s why it’s essential to prepare correctly, so you can feel confident before and during the interview. 

Here are six tips to help you have a successful job interview.

1. Research the company

On the company’s website and social networks, you’ll find helpful information on its values and corporate culture and whether you share their views. Knowing the name of the person who will interview you will help you investigate their role in the company, their job responsibilities, and their work-related achievements. This information will help you empathize with the interviewer, but it will also show that you have taken the time to learn about the company.

2. Check the Job Profile Again

Reviewing the profile of the job vacancy will help you remember who they are looking for and why they selected you for this stage of the interview process. It’s also the perfect time to check your strengths and weaknesses and decide what to focus on to best stand out among other candidates. 

3. Your Best Friend is the Mirror; Practice What You’re Going to Say.

From the initial greeting to how you’ll say goodbye, you need to know what you’ll say. The best way to do this is to practice! Remember, too, that a confident tone of voice, direct eye contact, and maintaining good posture are essential to effective communication.

4. Dress for Success

A banker wears a jacket and tie, and a publicist wears comfortable and modern clothes. These examples are not always the case, but clichés usually have some truth, so think carefully about the most appropriate attire for the interview. Find out what clothes the company’s employees typically wear, and you will know what dress code the interviewer expects interviewees to dress. Contacting the company directly to inquire about their dress code can significantly help. When in doubt, choose neutral and formal clothing; as far as clothing is concerned, it is preferable to go unnoticed than to be wrong. Prepare your outfit a few days before. Maybe even have a couple of options to be safe. This way will be easier to make adjustments if the weather changes or you hear late about the company’s dress code. Remember that you’re investing in your future.

5. Prepare the Material that You’re Going to Take

Although the company already has your resume, it doesn’t hurt to bring two additional copies. Bring a pen and paper or your tablet, so you can take notes and form your agenda.

6. Don’t Be Late

On the day of the interview, you must arrive at the agreed time. Check your local weather forecast and the current weather conditions and take traffic into account. If the interview is by video conference, check that you have a good internet connection and have installed the platform through which the interview will be conducted.

Unforeseen events happen, and many times, we can’t control them. In this case, have your interviewer’s number or email with you and communicate any delays well in advance.

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